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Yagyu (ヤギュウ課長) is an office worker and a supporting character in the 1-minute TBS Television shorts. He makes a short cameo in the Netflix Original series while trying to open up one of Tsubone's impossible jars, before appearing with a speaking role in Season 4.



Yagyu is based on a Water Buffalo. He has black fur and hooves and a gray nose and horns.

His office attire consists of a white dress shirt with a red tie, black pants, and brown dress shoes.


Yagyu is a terrible shift manager who is often late and makes sloppy schedules. He spends his days leisurely chatting away and ignoring all work that needs to be done until the last minute when he passes it off to other accountants, most notably Retsuko.

When he became accounting director replacing Ton, the office became peaceful, but his terrible management continued. He didn't know how to handle situations involving personal problems of employees, as for example asking Kabae to return to work, even though she wanted the day off to take care of her sick child. He thought Haida did a mediocre job as he finished his work fast and kept telling him to take more time and do it properly. However, as Haida's work was done well, Himuro ended up demoting Yagyu, which shocked him to the point that Yagyu stopped breathing and lost consciousness.