Wonderful is the tenth and season finale episode in Season 2 of the Netflix series Aggretsuko.

Netflix Synopsis

"The world learns all about Retsuko's high profile relationship and Tadano declares that he wants to be with her forever -- without getting married."


Fenneko calls Haida to see if he is okay and to tell him that Retsuko getting married is just a rumor, so he must not get depressed like last time, get drunk and lay on the street while raining and get sick, but Haida told her, that already happened.

Tadano tells Retsuko that for him marriage is meaningless and that he doesn't want kids, but is serious about them staying together. Getting home, Retsuko sees Gori and Washimi waiting for her. Gori wonders if the rumor about Retsuko marriage is true, but Retsuko explains that Tadano doesn't believe in marriage, but would still want they to stay together and she believes she is okay being with him.

Retsuko didn't show for work for a couple of days. Haida practice his punches as he plans on punching Tadano as he misjudged him, didn't believing a guy like him could be interested in Retsuko. He then meets Tadano in the elevator, but completely freezes. He manages to gather strength and ends up asking him for an autograph. Washimi invites Haida for a drink with her and Gori, as she assumes she is also worried about Retsuko. Tadano had told her that Retsuko is with him, but Haida couldn't believe she was skipping work willingly as its out of her character and Gori and Washimi agreed.

Tadano suggests Retsuko to leave her job and she wonders about it. He explains it to her that the company can go without her and eventually ENI-O will even take over big part of her current job, and that she can start doing something she wants. Tadano then leaves for a presentation, while Retsuko stays in his limo wondering what she wants to do and that she is just being good at following orders and that she may need to grow out of this "good girl" persona.

Retsuko decides to go to work, where Kabae and Fenneko try to avoid talking about the subject, but Anai goes and directly ask her about her marriage. Ton then comes wanting to talk with Retsuko, who then hands him her resignation, saying she won't be getting married as marriage is meaningless, but Ton realizes she just repeats what Tadano said and gives her resignation back. He then talks about marriage and that she needs to find what she wants from life.

Gori and Washimi escort Tadano to his car and enter with him, telling him that they are Retsuko's closest friends. Haida then knocks out Kobayashi. As they wonder who will drive, Retsuko shows up saying she will be driving and asks Tadano to turn off the self-driving. Retsuko takes Tadano to karaoke, telling him that she doesn't want to quit her job and there is nothing else she wants to do, but just marrying him and having a family, but knows he can't do it. She then inputs her song and starts singing that she wants to get married. As they have different vision for the future, Retsuko breaks up with Tadano.

Retsuko helps out Puko to move out again, as Puko had realized she can't pay such rent.


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