Winds of Change

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Winds of Change is the fourth episode in Season 3 of the Netflix series Aggretsuko.

Netflix Synopsis

"The OTMGirls turn a profit for the first thanks to Retsuko's business acumen, Haida hits it off with Inui after an unexpected encounter."


Retsuko attempts to return the VR game set and get a refund, however they stopped accepting returns of that game. As the employee keeps saying "virtual boyfriend" game, Retsuko feels ashamed and rages.

Retsuko starts a channel on TubeTube on how to use your death voice and how to badmouth without leaving evidence, but doesn't get many views. Retsuko shows the OTMgirls on how they will be making pins and selling them for 400 or 1500 yen, depending on the image they use with costs being only 40 yen. She then suggests they can also start selling shirts and the girls agree. Retsuko also wants to be active on social media and Hyoudou says they have one, but its revealed that none of them manages it and Retsuko believes its identity theft. They start to panic, but Retsuko calms them down, stating she will start an official account and will manage it.

In a vinyl record shop, Haida bumps into Inui. They go into a punk rock bar and talk about music over a drink.

Retsuko sets up an official account and makes an announcement for the live event. During the event, they sell out all of their merchandise. Since they made a profit, Hyoudou gives everyone money. Retsuko wants to return the money and pay her debt; however, Hyoudou tells her to keep it as a souvenir and hypes everyone that they will be making more money from now on.

Unable to rent a studio, Hyoudou decides to take Manaka to karaoke, so she can practice their new song. Leaving her in the room to prepare, he goes to the bathroom but hears someone singing from another room. Checking it, he is shocked to see Retsuko singing with her death voice.


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