Unknown Future is the sixth episode in Season 2 of the Netflix series Aggretsuko.

Netflix Synopsis

"Hearing that Shirota has officially moved on, Retsuko lets herself be talked into attending a matchmaking event -- where she runs into Director Gori."


After the Family Appreciation Day, Anai had started a cheap lunch service and was quite popular with the younger recruits, but they had been keeping it a secret from the higher ups.

Retsuko has realized her life is work, going home, internet and sleep and had no goals. And after seeing Anai starting the cheap lunch service, she wonders if continue her current life like that is okay. Gori tells her that if she wants to change it, she should change it and not just complain about it, but as her alarm rings, she needed to leave before being able to finish her preach. Retsuko shares her routine with Fenneko and even though Fenneko tries to say her routine is different, she admits its exactly the same.

At home, her mother tells her that the last person she tried to hook Retsuko had rejected her, even though Retsuko had declined to meet him, her mother had accepted on her behalf. Retsuko wonders what Shirota is doing, but her mother tells her its too late, as he was introduced to another girl and they are doing fine now. While she wasn't crazy about Shirota, realizing that he slips away from her, Retsuko starts to panic and when her mother shows her a Matchmaking Party, Retsuko agrees to go to it.

At the Matchmaking Party, Retsuko notices Gori there and they both check their profiles. Gori comments she missed karaoke as hobby and Retsuko notices Gori gave her age as 29, while commenting she is 40. Retsuko tells her the party is for people in their 20s and 30s, but Gori explains she likes younger guys. As the party starts, they have 3 minutes with each person. Retsuko wonders what kind of conversation she can make in three minutes and both she and the man she was matched end in awkward situation asking the other about their hobbies, while both answering its written on their profile. In the mean time, Gori is used to such parties and asks question after question. As rounds go on and on, Retsuko starts to realize there are no good men there and rages with a song in her head. Torajima then comes and after seeing his income, she gets impressed thinking it may be her fated encounter.

When the rounds end, Gori asks Retsuko if she found some guy she likes and as both reveal who they liked, they realize its the same person with Gori commenting Retsuko liked him due to his income. They mention all the other qualities they liked, but a woman tells them that Torajima is a con man and everyone who is regular at those parties know it. Gori and Retsuko then go to a bar, where they continue their previous talk about life goals and that they can't know their future.

Retsuko goes to the driving school, happy about that she passed her exam and tells the girl there. But as she looks around, she can't see Tadano, and the girls tells her his course expired and he likely had quit.


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