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The music industry is a cesspool these days, so I can't really blame you for putting out mediocre songs when everyone else is doing the same damn thing. But I can blame you, and I do blame you, for being another dumb, no-talent attention whore, who thinks that screaming into a mic proves you're metal.

The Unhinged Fan is an antagonist that appears in Season 3 of the Netflix Original Series Aggretsuko.



The Unhinged Fan is a tall, hunched llama with brown fur. His hair sweeps across his forehead over his beady eyes, and his mouth is usually covered by a black mask. He sports a green jacket with a limited edition OTM Girls patch, which he was able to acquire as a long-time fan of the band.


He was once a dedicated fan of the OTM Girls. Nevertheless, his inability to accept changes has morphed him into a deranged person, going to far lengths to assault Retsuko, whom he openly despises and vents at for changing OTM Girls.


He is first seen as an OTM Girls superfan who stalks the girls and Retsuko, posting their pictures online on a fake OTM Girls social media profile. It is later revealed that, in addition to being an obsessive stalker, he verbally and physically attacks Retsuko. His assault with a box cutter was stopped by Haida, and he is currently in jail for the attempted attack.