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Retsuko, can you open my jar?
— Tsubone to Retsuko 

Tsubone (坪根) is an office worker and a secondary antagonist of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.

Tsubone makes Retsuko's work life a living hell by constantly piling her work onto her so she can leave on time, forcing Retsuko to work almost daily overtime.



Tsubone's appearance is based on the Komodo Dragon. She has grayish-green scales across her body, raised bumps on her forehead, yellow eyes, what appears to be a hunched back, bright red lipstick, and her forked tongue is usually sticking out. Like Retsuko, Tsubone wears a navy blue vest and matching skirt, white dress shirt, and brown shoes while at work; additionally, she wears a pair of glasses with a chain. She is seen at the end of the month office party wearing a purple sweater, gray pants, and black shoes.


Tsubone is a sexist woman who treats her female co-workers poorly (her misogyny is ironic, considering she’s female herself), often piling her own work onto them and talking down to them. On the other hand, she treats her male co-workers very well, blushing and sucking up to them when they talk to her, and sometimes even taking their work and passing it off to a female co-worker. This can notably be seen when Tsubone is talking to Ookami in the tea room at work and refusing to let Haida open her jar. Tsubone seems to particularly target Retsuko, telling her that she's lazy and does everything wrong.

She will sometimes hide her true intentions behind faux sweetness, such as when she pretended to compliment Retsuko only to pile more paperwork on her already cluttered desk and then laughed maniacally.