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Incompetent women are such a pain in the ass,
but they're better than the competent ones, am I right?

A sexist joke of Retsuko's boss.

Ton (トン) is the director of the accounting department and the primary antagonist of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko. He is Retsuko's direct boss and makes her work life extremely difficult.



Ton's appearance is based on the Duroc pig. He has rosy brown skin across his entire body and is very overweight. In the shorts, Ton is constantly sweating and wiping it away with a handkerchief. He is seen both in and out of work wearing a white dress shirt, green tie, black pants, and brown shoes.


It's hard to say what Ton is really like. Towards Tsunoda, he is always blushing, showing off his golfing skill, and giving her slack for not finishing her work (then passing it off onto Retsuko). Towards Retsuko, he goes out of his way to make her uncomfortable, overwhelmed, and stressed at work, either by making sexist comments and/or giving a lot of extra work. But when she is going through a rough patch during her finances and relationships, he can tell she is having a hard time and not only gives her slack at work, but also some heartfelt, mature advice. In addition, while he was drunk at the company engagement party, he admitted that Retsuko has the potential to become a "boss" someday, citing his own past experiences, showing some regret in his actions, and that he has faith in her abilities. Ton doesn't seem to have much interaction with male employees besides Komiya, but all of the employees are extremely disturbed when Ton acts nice. Futhermore, his care and loyalty to his workers is shown as he refuses to compile a list of potential layoffs, resulting in his demotion.

During the time he worked as accountant for Retsuko's channel, he would constantly complain and blame her for harassment, mostly just to annoy her.



Wife & Daughters


Ton appears rather intimidated by his own family as he cringes at the thought of spending his weekend with them at Family Appreciation Day, especially by his own teenage daughters, which he dotes over much to his own chagrin. Nonetheless, he loves his family, citing how much they support him in life to Retsuko.



Main article: Komiya

Komiya is not so much a friend of Director Ton as he is a follower. Whenever Director Ton insults a worker or complains about his working conditions, Komiya quickly catches on and takes his objections to new levels. He encourages and agrees with Ton's bad behaviors, which makes more chaos for the staff. They also both have a common interest: golfing.


  • His name is the on'yomi reading for "pork" (豚).
  • Ton's English voice actor, Josh Petersdorf, is known for voicing Roadhog in Overwatch.