The New Hire Named Anai is the second episode in Season 2 of the Netflix series Aggretsuko.

Netflix Synopsis

"Without Retsuko's approval, her mother sets up an arranged marriage meeting. At first glance, new hire Anai seems like a nice and eager employee."


Retsuko wants her mother to turn the date down, but her mother refuses and tries to change the subject. As they argue, her mother reveals that she married her father for love and any girl would prefer fated encounter that this old-fashioned arrangement and Retsuko rages that's hypocrisy.

At work Fenneko reminds Retsuko that the new guy is starting today and Tsunoda quickly appears asking about him, but leaves upon learning he is younger man. Anai then introduces himself to the accounting team and Ton welcomes him normally and places him next to Retsuko, so she can train him well.

During Retsuko's first meeting with Shirota, she realizes that her mother had manipulated Shirota's picture, making him more handsome. Their mothers left them and Shirota proposed they go outside. Retsuko shows the picture which her mother gave her of him and Shirota comments he isn't that handsome, but Retsuko assures him its fine as she isn't into "prince charming" anyway. As they talk about marriage, they both agree its scary at their current age, as its huge responsible decision taking the whole each other's life and making sacrifices.

Retsuko trains Anai on how to answer the phone on behalf of the company, but he quickly gets nervous and screws up, so she tells him, she will handle to calls today. Retsuko's mother then calls her on the company phone as she wasn't able to reach her on her cell phone. She informs her that Shirota would want to marry her and that surprises Retsuko, who then asks for time to think. Going home, Retsuko spends the night thinking about marriage. She then receives a message from Anai, who complains on what she had said during the day, thinking it was personal attack, robbing him of opportunity of learning by handling calls herself and violating the company rules by having a personal call. He wonders what was all that and awaits her answer in text.

On the next day, Retsuko asks Fenneko and Haida what they think of Anai, but they both find him nice guy. Anai approaches Retsuko and apologizes for the trouble from yesterday wanting to continue learning today, but completely ignores Retsuko's question about last night messages. But as he leaves, she receives a message from him, reminding her that he is awaiting her answer on text.


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