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The Dream Ends is the tenth episode of the Netflix series Aggretsuko and the finale of Season 1.

It is followed by the Christmas special "We Wish You A Metal Christmas".

Netflix Synopsis

"A happy but frustrated Retsuko increasingly makes mistakes at work. Meanwhile, a busy quarterly reporting period looms ahead for the accounting team. At the same time Haida feels heartbroken that he lost his chance with Retsuko."


At the karaoke Washimi and Gori were singing, but Washimi then stops saying that since Retsuko is not there, they don't need to sing and propose they go and eat somewhere and Gori agrees.

Retsuko is spending time with Resasuke and even though she sees some issues, she still finds him cute in those situations and is still happy. At work, Tsubone notices Retsuko had started to make more mistakes than usual and wonders why is she acting strange as of lately, but Retsuko happily says she will fix the mistakes. During lunch break Haida asks Fenneko if Retsuko is dating someone and reveals is Resasuke.

After the yoga class and taking a shower, Retsuko went on the scale and noticed she had lost three kilos and thought it was from the yoga, but Washimi and Gori quickly correct her it's due to being worn out. Gori guesses that Retsuko pretends to be a happy girlfriend and good employee. Washimi is fine with Retsuko pretending as long as she and Resasuke can keep up the act. Retsuko went with Resasuke to the Alp cloth store, where Resasuke agreed with everything Retsuko is saying. As she went to the bathroom, she barely held out her rage due to the pain in her legs.

At work, the end of the quarter was approaching, but they were short of staff. Haida have gotten sick, Tsubone broke her arm while opening a jar and Kabae got detained for spying. Ton tells Retsuko that with her current state, they are practically four people short and tells her to only make tea. After working hard, Ton goes to make some coffee. He sees Retsuko making tea and gives her a relationship advice while comparing it to the company. Hearing it, Retsuko already knew some of those things and then decides to help out in accounting and they work out all night.

When the morning comes, Retsuko decides and later invites Resasuke to the karaoke, telling him she hasn't shown him her real self. She then starts singing, telling him about herself and that she loves metal. As she finishes, Resasuke tells her that was cool and wonders what song to put on next, but at that moment, Retsuko stops seeing him in his attractive way, realizing her love is over.

The next day, Fenneko and Retsuko went to visit Haida in the hospital. He feels much better, and Fenneko took the vase with the flowers to change the water, giving Retsuko and Haida some alone time. Haida wonders how is Retsuko doing as he had heard about her and the sales guy and tells her he knows her better. Retsuko understood where he was heading but tells him that she can't give him a proper answer if he doesn't ask properly.

At work, Retsuko kept showing a cheerful side and happily doing what is being told. As she handles the papers, Ton corrects her telling her that when stapling a document, the staple needs to be at a 45-degree angle which made Retsuko rage and return to her usual self.


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  • It is the second longest episode of season 1 with a run time of 18 minutes, right after "We Wish You A Metal Christmas".