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Tanuki (タヌキ) is the Senior Managing Director of the Carrier Man Trading Co., Ltd., being a supporting character of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.



Tanuki's appearance is based on the Japanese raccoon dog, also known as tanuki. He has a brown fur, with darker brow circles around his black eyes, and blue fur around his mouth. He wears glasses and is usually dressed in orange business suit with red tie.


Tanuki is a bootlicker and a yes-man. In his entire career at the company, he was saying "yes" to any of Shachou's ideas, even if he finds them bad. He have done all that with the idea that one day when Shacou retires, it will be him, who takes over the company.

When not in the presence of a superior, he changes to his normal non yes-man personality. When he learned that Himuro would be the next president, he was furious and plotted against him and tried to vote him out, however as Shachou joined the vote, he and the other yes-men quickly changed their vote and supported Himuro.