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The Store Clerk is a one time character that appears in episode #40 of the TV Shorts; "Store Clerk", as well as in "A Good, Hard-working Girl" and "The Dream Ends", in which she only said one line, of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.



The store clerk is based on an alpaca. She has light pink skin, brown hands, and white hair representing her wool. Her hair has a bun at the top of her head and has a small, curly bang on the top of her right eye. She even has blush on her cheeks and grows her mouth into ovals or a right angle when she talks.

She is seen wearing a red bow on her hair bun, a green woolly sweater, a straight red skirt, orange leggings, and dark-brown high heels.


As part of her job, working as a store clerk at ALP, she tends to annoy customers.

In the TV Short "Store Clerk", she follows Retsuko around the store, effectively hovering around her as she browses. The clerk offers Retsuko a light blue shirt with bows as buttons and says that the store has more colors of it available before telling Retsuko to try on some of the store's outfits, along with saying, "Totemo kawaī!" ("So Cute!"). As Retsuko tries on an outfit, the clerk remarks that it's a popular item in the store, which angers Retsuko.

The store clerk annoyingly follows Retsuko around the store in the Netflix series, adding pressure to Retsuko's browsing as she repeats for Retsuko to "take her time". Before Retsuko can leave, the store clerk pushes Retsuko into signing up for a store card.