Stoking Rebellion is the sixth episode of the Netflix series Aggretsuko.

Netflix Synopsis

"Washimi acknowledges Retsuko's efforts to make things right with Director Ton, using her position as assistant to the president as leverage to help."


The CEO calls Washimi in his office and shows her his plans for noodle slide he wants to put in the office next summer, but Washimi quickly crushes the model rejecting his idea and wants to tell him his schedule for the day. He finds her actions as cruel, since he wanted to brighten up this old-fashioned company and says the model even costed 300,000 yen. Looking at the check, Washimi hopes that he didn't plan on putting it as company expenses and proceeds to tear it up, while he cries and begs her not to do it.

At the karaoke, Retsuko reveals why she is going to yoga. Understanding her plan on marriage and being a housewife, Washimi explains it to her that not something easy, that she will be having zombie-like friends tired of parenting, her husband isn't an ATM machine and that she doesn't even have someone she likes right now. Gori has mixed feelings as love is love, regardless how it starts.

At work, Retsuko has been making tea for Ton the whole day. She sees Tsunoda flattering him and how he softens up to her. Retsuko decides to invite Tsunoda for dinner, where she asks her how she wraps him around her finger. Tsunoda explains that Ton wants to hear that he is great and that's why she always tell him how amazing he is. Tsunoda knew that Fenneko hates her for that and before they ate, she made couple of pictures and posted them on her online profile.

On the next day, Fenneko sees the pictures and gets annoyed asking Retsuko if she is now good friends with Tsunoda, but Retsuno declines it. Haida comes and says he fixed Retsuko computer, which she tests and finds much faster now. Retsuko tells him he is amazing and Haida gets happy, with Retsuko confirming it was successful attempt. Director Ton had hurt his back last night and is struggling with his golf practice in the office. Retsuko decides to tell him how amazing he looks, but he finds it like she is mocking him and things turn against her. Later she tells all of that to Washimi and Gori. Washimi tells her that he is used to threat her like that, so that will be hard to change and its time for them their scheming. On the next day, she visits the CEO telling him that she took care of his receipt for 300,000 yen and tells him about the power harassment of Ton. The CEO was not interested at first, but Washimi explains how it can hurt the company if its exposed to the media. Later at the yoga class, she tells Retsuko she spoke with the CEO and then takes the receipt from Retsuko and tears it to pieces as he had annoyed her earlier.

The CEO speaks with Ton and tells him to get along with everyone, which is not to Ton's liking.


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