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Admin Activity Levels

Founder Hiccory (inactive)

What is a Bureaucrat?

Bureaucrats have the most power when it comes to user rights.

Bureaucrats have all of the same powers and responsibilities as administrators, but also have the ability to promote and demote users to administrator, chat moderator, etc. They can also promote users to the bureaucrat position if they wish.

List of Bureaucrats
AoifeRising (active)
Anonymousinner (inactive)
CrypticalFiery (inactive)

What is an Administrator?

Users promoted to the administrator rank are very active and trustworthy users, who have shown their passion with the Wiki and the series.

The administrator's job is to keep the Wiki running smoothly by banning troublemakers, protecting and deleting pages, and helping with CSS and JS. They also have the ability to promote other users to the chat moderator position.

List of Administrators
AoifeRising (active)
LeMansRacer (active)