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Shishido (シシド) is an unemployed musician and a supporting character in the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.



Shishido's appearance is based on a Warthog, and as such, he has short brown body fur with red hair and a tail. He also has two tusks and two facial wattles. He usually dresses in a black suit with a black tie and wears sunglasses.


Shishido went through a lot, but he still tries to remain cheerful. Because he doesn't have skills or talent, his band broke up and Shishido also lost some weight. He got dumped by his girlfriend for an older and richer guy. Because of that, he starts to believe that work makes what man you are and as he has no talent, he is just trash. However, he cares for his friend Haida, and wishes that he doesn't reach the bottom like him.




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Haida and Shishido are friends since high school. They see each other from time to time and play as a band in rental studios.