Washimi (鷲美) is the CEO's secretary and a support character in the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.

Washimi is the CEO's secretary at the trading firm she, Gori, and Retsuko work for.


Washimi's appearance is based off the Secretarybird (a pun, considering her position as Secretary). She is tall and thin, with white, yellow and orange face feathers, a mole on her left cheek, gray crown feathers, black wing feathers, white and black tail feathers, and a gray beak. Washimi usually wears a white blouse, black knee-length suit skirt, yellow tights, and orange shoes. But is also seen wearing a purple tank top and black leggings during yoga class.


Washimi is a very calm, practical, no-nonsense woman. She is the voice of reason between herself, Retsuko and Gori , and often times is the one to handle the stressful situations that her friends put themselves in. However, Washimi can be very scary when it comes to putting the company CEO back in his place after he steps out of line. Washimi tries hard to make a good impression while dating, but becomes bored quickly and doesn't tend to keep men around for long.

Gori and Washimi





Washimi and Retsuko's relationship can be compared to the roles of some sisterly siblings. Washimi takes the role of an older sister to Retsuko sometimes. When Retsuko needs help for something, she often consults with Washimi to find her opinion. Washimi usually gives her advice on the topic, or tries to help her out. When Washimi found out Director Ton was abusing and mistreating Retsuko, she informed the CEO of the company of this, and forced him to discipline Director Ton. Edit


★"In other words, you get a sculpted yoga body, land a boyfriend who makes good money, marry him a year or two from now, quit your office job ASAP and live happily ever after. Roll credits."

★Gori: "To win the fight..."

Washimi: "You don't just throw punches blindly..."

Both: "You aim for the weak spots!"

★"I only told the CEO that the issue had been dealt with, I never said a word about it being dealt with to his satisfaction. Devious? Sure, but I had to twist his arm to do the right thing by you, so I'm not going out of my way to waste funds on him. Besides, I lost the receipt!"

★Washimi: "These girls, where did we fail them?"

Gori: "I know, they're such introverts!"

★"Is it me, or does [Resasuke]'s head look like some sort of slightly toasted marshmallow?"