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Season 4 is the fourth season of Aggretsuko, and was released on December 16, 2021.[1]

It was announced to be in production with a tweet by Netflix's NX Twitter account on December 23, 2020.[2] On September 25, 2021, a December, 2021 release date was announced for the fourth season during Netflix's TUDUM event.[3]

While a release date was not included with the announcement of the fourth season entering production, the show's writer and director - Rarecho - expressed a desire to produce another season shortly after the release of the third season in August 2020.[4] He is likely to return in some capacity for the fourth season, after commenting he felt the Netflix series wrapped up at the end of third season, and made similar comments following the release of second season.[5]

Retsuko turns up the volume to stop Haida from making the biggest mistake ever when a sly new company president takes the office to a new extreme.[6]


Image Episode Details
Netflix S4 E1 SomeonefromWork.png
"Someone from Work" (会社の人)
With a new apartment and a collection of weapons, Retsuko moves forwars after her attack, but her relationship with Haida remains at a standstill.
Episode 32
Dec 16, 2021
Netflix S4 E2 TheNewBoss.png
"The New Boss" (新社長誕生)
Haida helps the company president to the hospital after avoiding Retsuko. Changes come to the office when Himuro is chosen as the company new lead.
Episode 33
Dec 16, 2021
Netflix S4 E3 DirtyWork.png
"Dirty Work" (泥にまみれた仕事)
Retsuko anmd Haida's relationship worsens, and Fenneko panics. Himuro orders Ton to lay off several workers to save costs, but Ton refuses.
Episode 34
Dec 16, 2021
Netflix S4 E4 UnkeptPromises.png
"Unkept Promises" (果たせぬ約束)
Retsuko and Fenneko blab to Himuro about Ton's past work harassment during a night of drinking. Retsuko tells Haida she only wants to be friends.
Episode 35
Dec 16, 2021
Netflix S4 E5 Options.png
"Options" (選択肢)
Ton despairs about his demotion while Yagyu becomes the new director. Haida gains a confidence boost after Retsuko reaches out to him
Episode 36
Dec 16, 2021
Netflix S4 E6 StruggleForSurvival.png
"Struggle for Survival" (生存競争)
Ton resigns without telling his family. Yagyu nags Kabae after she leaves early to care for her son. Retsuko and her friends worry about more changes.
Episode 37
Dec 16, 2021
Netflix S4 E7 MovingUp.png
"Moving Up" (昇進)
Himuro praises Haida's work; Retsuko learns about Ton's new job. Feeling guilty, she tries to talk to Haida, but he's too busy doing Himuro's bidding.
Episode 38
Dec 16, 2021
Netflix S4 E8 HeadHunting.png
"Headhunting" (ヘッドハンティング)
Encouraged by Tadano, Retsuko tries to get Ton to manage her Death-Voice channel. Haida accepts a nefarious task from Himuro.
Episode 39
Dec 16, 2021
Netflix S4 E9 UnauthorizedAccess.png
"Unauthorized Access" (不正アクセス)
Retsuko uncovers Haida's actions after he gets his own office and seeks advice from Ton. Finally, Retsuko decides to confront Haida.
Episode 40
Dec 16, 2021
Netflix S4 E10 Rendezvous.png
"Rendezvous" (待ち合わせ)
Retsuko's friends join up to gather evidence of fraud. After Haida admits his involvement and Retsuko berates him, he makes one last critical decision.
Episode 41
Dec 16, 2021


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