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Retsuko's Mother makes her first appearance in Season 2 of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko. She is the overbearing and aggressive, but well-meaning, mother of series protagonist Retsuko.

Her real name is currently unknown.



Retsuko's mother is based off a Red Panda. Much like Retsuko, and her own mother that appeared in the shorts, she has orange fur that has dulled with age, black eyes, brown "tear stains", a white stripe next to the tear stain, and a white muzzle, ears, and eyebrows. She has brown legs and hands that are the same color as the tear stains, and a striped tail.


Although she is well-meaning, Retsuko's mother comes off as overbearing and pushy. She wants her daughter to have a perfect life and sees no problem with being the one to take control of Retsuko's life since she "fails" to do it herself. Despite trying to set Retsuko up with an arranged marriage, she fell in love with her husband on a chance meeting and believes in love at first sight.




Although her husband never makes an official appearance, Retsuko's mom talks briefly about him and how much in love the two are.


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Retsuko is her daughter. She and Retsuko don't have the best relationship due to her mother's overbearing nature and refusal to let Retsuko lead her own life. Despite this, Retsuko cares greatly for her mother and tries to take her advice at heart.


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