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{[stub}} The Receptionist is a supporting character introduced in Season 2 of the Original Netflix series Aggretsuko.

Her real name is currently unknown.



Her appearance is based on the Papillion breed of dog. She has a white muzzle and long ears sectioned off into pieces, paying homage to the breed of dog she is based on, as well as gray eyes and visible eyelashes. Her voice and mannerisms imply that she is of a younger age. Her outfit consists of a gray skirt and vest, white dress shirt, and black ribbon or loose bow tie.


Not much is known about her personality. She appears caring but sarcastic and a bit nosey. At one point she is shown urging Tadano to pull himself together in order to avoid failing his driving course. She was also known to tease Retsuko about her relationship with Tadano while the two were attending driving school, implying she is aware that there may have been feelings between them. She and Retsuko both thought Tadano was jobless and lazy.