I've been having trouble putting my feelings into words...
— Ookami to Retsuko 

Ookami (大上) is an office worker and support character in the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.



Ookami's appearance is based off the maned wolf. He is tall and slender with orange fur, white cheeks and tail tip, and a brown muzzle and "mohawk". His sclerae are golden. Ookami wears a white dress shirt, gray dress pants, brown loafers, and a black tie and belt.


Not much is known about Ookami's personality. Ookami is usually very respectful of his senior employees and regularly organizes the end of the month office parties. He also seems to be pretty laid back and agreeable. Despite working in the accounting office, Ookami appears to be awful with his own personal finances and even resorts to flirting with Retsuko to get her to loan him money in the shorts.




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Haida and Ookami are good friends, although it is shown they don't interact much. In "The Duel", Ookami sounded a little disappointed when Haida refused to go out for drinks, and he was the only person that had his phone number.


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