I have no redeeming qualities, and I'm totally unattractive.

Masashiro (真城), or Mashiro, is an office worker and a supporting character in the 1-minute TBS Television shorts. She also makes a silent cameo in the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko



Masashiro’s appearance is based on an Armadillo, and as such is bulkier than many other females characters. She has short, stubby arms and legs, and a tail that sticks out from her dress. Whenever she becomes upset her ears droop down and she puts her hands on her cheeks, and her eyes become sparkly.


Masashiro is rather self-doubting and considers herself to be ugly and useless. She's easily flustered and is quick to blush when complimented. Retsuko states that she admires Masashiro’s sincerity and considers her to be very intelligent.


Love Interests


Masashiro's Boyfriend.jpg

He is Masahiro's boyfriend. Little is known about him, but he treats Masahiro very well and is her polar opposite.

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