Has anyone ever said you resemble a Sanrio character?
— Manumaru to Retsuko 

Manumaru (マヌマル) is a sales office worker at the same company as Retsuko and is a support character of the of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko. Manumaru coordinates Resasuke and Retsuko's dates.



Manumaru's appearance is based off of a Pallas Cat. He is tall with a muscular build, light fawn fur, a white muzzle, brown stripes on his forehead, and white stripes on his cheeks. Manumaru is only seen wearing a white dress shirt with no tie, gray pants, and black shoes.


Manumaru is flirtatious and very social, he was even able to get Fenneko to let loose from her typical demeanor. He feels responsible for Resasuke and tried hard to set him up with Retsuko. Manumaru would try to guide Resasuke via phone calls while on dates with Retsuko, but he could never convince Resasuke to actually care about dating.




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Apparently they seem to get along, but Manumaru forces Resasuke to go out with Retsuko, currently not much is known about his friendly relationship with Resasuke, but it is known that they are good friends and that they get along well.



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