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Manaka (マナカ) is supporting character appearing in the 3rd season of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.



Manaka has paled turquoise-colored fur, big light brown eyes, 3 whiskers on both sides of her cheeks, and a long thin tail. She wears a white and pink plaid bow on top of her head. Furthermore, she wears a white schoolgirl outfit with another white and pink plaid bow in the center with a matching color skirt, long white socks, and shoes.


Manaka can be best described as rather impertinent and arrogant. She also seems to have an impatient attitude, but she is highly dedicated to her idol career and hard-working: Manaka is not afraid to work to get what she wants. She gradually grows a bit more appreciative of Retsuko over time. She is also easily annoyed by Ton as he constantly forgets everything she tells him and keeps using an abacus instead of the barcode reader.




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Retsuko was first introduced to Manaka when she became part of the OTMGirls. She was extremely impudent and demanding toward Retsuko, but she gradually grew appreciative of Retsuko, and they became friends. The two would sometimes go out and share their personal life problems and sometime give advice to each other.


  • Her name is similar to the Japanese word 真ん中 (まんなか, "man'naka"), meaning "center", a reference to her positioning in the center of the OTM Girls whenever they are featured as a group.