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Komiya (小宮) is the chief of the accounting department and a secondary antagonist of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.

He works directly under Ton in the accounting department and tends to stroke Ton's ego.



Komiya's appearance is based on a Meerkat. He has fawn fur, brown ears, and black fur circling his eyes.

Komiya is always seen in office attire consisting of a white dress shirt, green tie, khaki-colored pants, and brown dress shoes.


Komiya is a loud and obnoxious person who is always following in Ton's shadow. He encourages Ton's behavior, and in his spare time searches for new golf courses to try out. He will try to scold other employees in Ton's place, but Komiya is a very flirtatious person, as seen when he speaks to Tsunoda.




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Komiya and Ton work closely at work and share a lot of interests, like golfing. Komiya often shadows Ton as he goes about his daily duties at work and encourages Ton's bad behaviors, often causing more chaos for the staff.


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