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Kobayashi (小林) is a supporting character introduced in Season 2 of the Original Netflix series Aggretsuko.

He is the personal driver for Tadano.



Kobayashi is based on a Schnauzer dog. He has orange fur, white eyebrows, and a white muzzle.

He is always seen wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt, white gloves, a navy blue tie, and matching sunglasses.


Not much is known about Kobayashi as he is usually silent, but he appears to be loyal to and likes Tadano, as he was worried and wanted to help out Tadano when Gori and Washimi got into his car.

Kobayashi seems fine acting as driver decoy, while ENI-O is the one actually driving the car. He likes to spend his decoy time by playing video games on his handheld console.