Kabae (カバ恵) is an office worker and stock character of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.

Kabae is renown for her ability to quickly spread rumors in the office and even gloats that she is so proficient at it. She is the only character currently known to have children, it is revealed in We Wish You A Metal Christmas that she has three young sons.


Kabae's appearance is based off of a hippo. She is a large woman with pink skin, bright pink cheeks, small ears, and two prominent square front teeth. She is typically seen wearing her work uniform, just like Retsuko's, it consists of a blue vest and skirt, white dress shirt, and brown shoes.


Kabae has a very bubbly personality, she loves to talk about her family, and is quick to spread rumors. Despite Kabae's tendency to leave a path of destruction with her rumor spreading, she is a genuinely good person who even went as far as going to Retsuko 's house to care for her while she had a cold.




Kabae is very dotting over her children, often talking about them and their accomplishments, and trying to show everyone in the office pictures of them. Her sons seem to be good detectives as it is shown in We Wish You A Metal Christmas that they were able to figure out where their Christmas presents were hidden solely based on the mud they found on Kabae's boots.


★"Wanna see a cute picture of my nephew?"

★"So did you hear about what happened with that one actress over the weekend, the same one I was telling you about last week? I've got so much to catch you up on unless you've been keeping tabs on it yourself, that's cool too! Well have you? "

★"I gotta admit, people come to me with information since I keep my ears open all time time, but I wouldn't go around spreading rumors that put you in a bad position. That is not my jam, Retsuko."

★"I wanna tell you about my vacation, which was a vacation and definitely not a cover story for espionage!"