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Inui (戌井) is an office worker and a supporting character appearing in the 3rd season of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.

She works in admin at Carrier Man Trading Co., Ltd..



Inui’s appearance is based on a Borzoi. She is tall and slim with mostly white fur, but she does have some cream fur around her long, wavy ears. Around the office, she wears a regular uniform with a navy blue vest and skirt, white dress shirt, and brown shoes.

Outside of work, she wears a faded pink long sleeve top and a coral button up skirt reaching down to her knees. Over it, she wears a brown coat that goes down to her ankles as well as black boots, grey mittens, and a scarf.


Inui is mild mannered and demure, normally keeping to herself. She can be upfront and forward, particularly when it comes to her relationship with Haida. But ultimately, she is respectful and learns to accept his choice.


Love Interest


Main article: Haida

Inui meets Haida at work as she's looking for a member of accounting to assist her in an administration problem, and bumps into Haida again outside of work at a rock store. They quickly bond over their love of music, even spending time together at Haida's favorite punk bar. Nevertheless, eventually Inui figures out that Haida doesn't fully reciprocate the same romantic feelings she expected, and knows that his heart is at Retsuko. Although heartbroken, she still tells him to be decisive and respects his choice.


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