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Himuro (ヒムロ) is the temporary CEO of the Carrier Man Trading Co., Ltd. during Shachou's absence, being both a supporting character and antagonist of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.



Himuro's appearance is based on the Saluki breed of dog. He has white fur on his face, with large, light gray circles around his yellow eyes, and wears small lunette style glasses. He has light and dark gray long hair that covers his ears. Himuro is always meticulously dressed in a dark business suit, with a red tie and dark leather boots.


Himuro is soft-spoken but has confidence in himself. Unlike the other Senior Managment at Carrier Man Trading Co., Ltd., he speaks his mind and is not a "yes-man." He is very fastidious, keeping his three desk pens arranged in perfect order.

After being made CEO by Shachou during his absence, he aimed to cut labor costs at the company, starting with the accounting department. This leads to him reassigning Ton's role at the company from the Accounting Director to the Chief of the Career Experience Design Office, a made-up role created to force Ton to resign.

Similar choices were made with the promotion of Yagyu to the Accounting Director role, with one of his main objectives to identify members of the accounting department that could be convinced to leave their role at the company. With his attempt at spinning Haida's streamlined workflow as an easy way to introduce mistakes in-front of Himuro backfiring, and leading to Yagyu being demoted with Haida as the new Accounting Director.

As Haida displayed competency in the Accounting Director role, Himuro leaned on Haida's lack of confidence and need for recognition as a means to coerce him into generating fraudulent profit documents. Before Haida could complete his work, Retsuko - alongside others in the accounting office - were able to intervene, stopping any fraudulent documents from being published: saving Haida and the company from prosecution, as well as outting Himuro's questionable means of saving the company.




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Washimi likes and admires Himuro as the only director who stands up to Shachou and isn't his yes-man, and feels he deserves more than a non-executive director position. When Himuro becomes the CEO and Washimi his secretary, they end up liking each other company and would often play a game of black tea guessing, where Himuro must guess what type of black tea Washimi made. Washimi is loyal to him, but doesn't warn him about Retsuko's plan, however, she still remains close to him after the events of the window dressing.



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Himuro sees Haida's competency and work ethic and ends up promoting him. The two then would develop a friendship-like relationship as they become gym buddies. However, Himuro would exploit and coerce Haida into generating fraudulent profit documents. Eventually, Haida would overcome his need for recognition and stand up against Himuro.