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Hidarin (ヒダリン) is a supporting character appearing in the 3rd season of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.



Hidarin has gray and white fur, big black pupils with a single curled eyelash on top on the sides of her eyes, and rosy pink cheeks. She also has three strands of hair tied back by a white and pink plaid bow. Furthermore, she wears a white schoolgirl outfit with another white and pink plaid bow in the center with a matching color skirt, long white socks, and shoes.


Hidarin is highly excitable and cheery, though not the brightest. Despite this, she is quite observant, able to read people like a book. She is mostly seen with Migi. At times, she can be immersed in her own little world.


  • Her name is similar to the Japanese word 左 (ひだり, "hidari"), meaning "left", a reference to her positioning on the left side of the OTM Girls whenever they are featured as a group.