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Gomakawa (胡麻川) is an office worker and a supporting character in the 1-minute TBS Television shorts. She made her official premiere in Netflix Original series during the episode Time To Grow Up when it is explained that she is marrying her way out of the company and will be quitting.



Gomakawa is based on a Spotted Seal. She has white skin, large black eyes, light gray spots, and a darker gray muzzle.

Her work attire consists of a blue vest and skirt and a white dress shirt. Due to having no feet, Gomakawa does not wear any shoes.


Gomakawa is seen constantly eating food, often to the disrespect of those around her, especially towards Retsuko while she is in training. After becoming engaged, Gomakawa is seen with a shiny, happy aura around her. It can be assumed that she was not with the company for very long before leaving as she was not at the company engagement party during Season 1.