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Crossroads is the sixth episode in Season 3 of the Netflix series Aggretsuko.

Netflix Synopsis

"The group's popularity soars after a blogger's favorable review. Concerned by Retsuko's recent odd behavior, Haida secretly tails her to Hokkaido."


Retsuko's successful performance in the group pushes a positive review from an underground jPop blogger and the next gigs are completely crowded. Hyoudou receives an offer for a gig in Hokkaido and brings the OTMgirls there. Also Hyoudou decides to sell CDs of the band with a ticket that allows the buyer to touch her favourite band member's hands for 10 seconds.

Meanwhile Haida confides in Gori about Retsuko behavior, without knowing that Gori doesn't know either about her friend. So both decided to follow her to know what she was doing, and they followed her to the airport. When they realize the band is going to Hokkaido, Haida decides to go on, while Gori stays as last-minute plane tickets are too expensive.

Haida follows Retsuko until the very same place of the gig, where he notices the tickets are sold out, so he can not enter the place and decides to get some dinner in a ramen shop. There, he receives some messages from Inui but while replying her, he is greeted by Tadano who, after dinner, decides to bring him home in his plane. They share some feelings regarding Retsuko, where Tadano realizes that Haida had some feelings for her, although Haida tries to deny it.

Meanwhile, after the gig, Retsuko and the OTMgirls are holding hands with their fans, only for Retsuko to realize, in her horror, that the blogger is no other than Komiya. She runs in horror and soon is cornered by him, who promises her to not reveal her secret job to the rest of the company.


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Haida went to eat ramen to the same place Tadano brought Retsuko to dinner in Season 2's episode He Lives Above The Clouds where Tadano states Retsuko is the best ramen in Hokkaido.