An Urchin in the Desert is the fifth episode in Season 3 of the Netflix series Aggretsuko.

Netflix Synopsis

"After seeing Retsuko sing, Hyodo proposes that Retsuko become the lead vocalist, demoting Manaka in the process."


Retsuko finishes filming her second episode about using your death voice. She is then surprised to see Hyoudou watching her from the window on the door. Hyoudou returns to Manaka, who is browsing all the songs at the karaoke and commenting that there are 270,000 songs and even if their song is added, it will be hard to find it. Hyoudou states that they need to find a "weapon" that will make them stand out and then leaves, commenting he will think of something and cancels the practice.

At work, Retsuko finds Washimi and wants to return the money she borrowed, but prefers to keep it a secret from Gori, so that she doesn't cause a problem as of why Retsuko didn't come to her. In that moment Gori shows up and Retsuko panics, but Washimi comments they are talking about how they miss going out as a group.

Hyoudou shows the OTMgirls and Retsuko, their new song. He asked the composer to redo it and make it more heavy metal. He explains that they need to stand out in order for their song to not be forgotten quickly and for that he found a new member that will replace Manaka as main vocalist. Retsuko disagrees, stating it isn't fair for Manaka, but is shocked to learn that Hyoudou means that she is the new member.

Retsuko shares all of this with Washimi and explains she declined as she can't be an idol and sing in front of people. Gori then shows up, wondering what are they talking about, wondering what to say, both Retsuko and Washimi say they are talking of how much they miss going out as a group. Retsuko sees Haida and Inui talking and later Haida explains she wanted work advice. Retsuko decides to ask him for advice too and asks if you have a hobby but don't want people to know about it, but there's someone who really appreciates it and he asks you to do it in front of people, would Haida do it? He finds it quite vague to answer and state it depends. Haida then shares a problem his "friend" has, explaining that he likes girl A, but she don't have interest in him and there is girl B, who is nice and tries to get closer to him. He wonders what Retsuko would do and Retsuko comments she will go with B, but then wonder if she would regret it later.

Haida later sees Gori and both of them asks each other if there is something happening with Retsuko. They decide to go drink together and complain how secretive Retsuko is. Haida wonders why she doesn't asks Washimi, but Gori refuses, knowing she will tell her that if they don't know, then its not their business.

Carrying some stuff to the OTMgirls, Manaka had found out about Retsuko's channel and wonders why she declined the offer. Retsuko comments she doesn't want to sing in front of people and only recorded this due ads revenue. She also states she is too old for an idol as she is 25 already, however Manaka states she is 26, shocking everyone. At the live event, Manaka announced they have a special gift and will perform their new song. As the song starts, Retsuko realizes its the reworked version and Hyoudou states it will be a disaster if Retsuko doesn't go and sing, but he decided to bet on an outcome and the rest is up to Retsuko. Retsuko decides to get on the stage and starts raging about being no point in being good girl. The audience is appalled. Hyoudou gets excited, wanting her to roar more as this marks the birth of "Aggressive Retsuko".


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