A Sheltered Life is the third episode in Season 3 of the Netflix series Aggretsuko.

Netflix Synopsis

"To repay her debt, Retsuko starts working as the accounting manager for an underground idol group. In reality, she's at their beck and call."


Retsuko meets the OTM girls, an underground idol group with Hyoudou being their producer and manager. Manaka comments that his neck hurts, due to moving it too much and Hyoudou complains that they need to hype the audience better. Hyoudou tells Retsuko that she will be the accounting manager and her salary will offset her debts. Hearing that Retsuko will do anything, Manaka tells her to go buy her gummies.

Retsuko starts working there, but is used more as handyman than accountant. When she actually starts doing accounting, she wonders what her salary actually is. She asks Hyoudou, who explains as they are in the red and she won't be receiving any until they start making profit.

At work, Ton calls for Retsuko, but as she is sleeping, Haida tries to cover for her. During lunch break, Haida and Fenneko asks Retsuko whats going on, but she explains its nothing. They don't believe her and later Haida sees Washimi, but she doesn't know anything.

Hyoudou speaks with the event promoter from the other day, but gets angry and yells at him. As he hangs the phone, he tells Retsuko to go to the promoter and not return until she gets the money he owns them. The promoter tells Retsuko he has no intentions to pay and wonders if she will get on her knees and beg. Retsuko gets on her knees and asks him to pay, making the man laugh and comment that seeing scum grovel does nothing for him and starts throwing money. Retsuko holds her rage and goes to karaoke, where she rages about capitalism. Washimi then comes in, figuring she would be there. Retsuko tells Washimi everything, but explains she can't quit as its her fault. Washimi gives her some money, but instead of paying the debt, Retsuko decides to use them for this month's food and give her best at work.

Retsuko tells Hyoudou she will stop purchasing pins for the group as the minimal order is too big and they can't sell them. Instead, she will order a secondhand machine that is able to produce pins and he agrees. Retsuko starts eating normal food at work and Haida believes she overcome her money problem, but Fenneko doubts it. Haida realizes she is into VR as usually she trashes something and then gets hooked on it, like matchmaking and smartphones. Haida then sees a girl from General Affairs wanting help with a document and he goes to help her.


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