A Rosy World is the ninth episode of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.

Netflix SynopsisEdit

"Supervisor Tsubone sends Retsuko on an errand to the sales department where she falls for a fellow colleague, Resasuke, whom she met the night before."


Retsuko wakes up hungover from the previous night at singles night. She sees a handkerchief on her bedside table and recognizes that it is not hers. She attempts to remember what happened last night, but for a few seconds sees the room as pink with hearts everywhere.

While at work, Fenneko tells Retsuko that the "Space Cadet"(Resauske) took care of her and brought her home after the events of singles night. Then, Supervisor Tsubone asks Retsuko to take some documents to Shimada in the Sales Department. She also tells Retsuko to tell Resauske to send in his paperwork early.

On the way there, Retsuko buys a canned coffee from a vending machine to give to Resauske. She then runs into Haida who asks why Retsuko has a canned coffee. She lies and says she wants to try some canned coffee.

She enters the Sales Department to find it empty. Except that the only one there is Resauske. She thanks him for taking care of her, and gives him the handkerchief. But then she sees Resauske as a much interesting version than what he actually looks like. She then realizes that she is in love with him.

She returns to her department and now has the enthusiasm to do work. She also doesn't stress about quitting her job, or getting married. It's all because of her love towards Resauske.

Retsuko tells Washimi and Gori that she is in love. She shows them a picture of Resauske, and they are very surprised. It's because they think Resauske is boring.

At work, Manumaru tells Resauske that Retsuko is interested in him. He thinks this because of the high amounts of canned coffee with notes written by Retsuko. He convinces him to ask Retsuko out.

The next day, Retsuko boards the train and sees Resauske on it. But to her surprise, Resauske begins to walk over to Retsuko. He asks her out. You don't need a rocket scientist to find out her answer.

Because of this, Retsuko now sees Resauske as the Love-Filtered version of him and nothing else.

During the work day, Retsuko and Resauske text each other about when to go out. Resauske tells Retsuko to go on Sunday. They will go to an amusement park.

As planned, on Sunday they go to an amusement park that closely resembles Tokyo Disneyland. Then Retsuko and Resauske sing a song.


Back before you,

I was crying

And it felt like parts of my heart were dying


Back before you my drink order,

Was always canned coffee for one


You are the space cadet from down in sales


You are the girl who barfed that does accounting


We texted back and forth at singles night

And now here we are on a theme park ride for two

I'd never thought I'd have it all,

but now all my all is you.

After walking around all day, Retsuko's heels started to be sore due to her new high heels she bought. Retsuko asked Resauske if the could eat dinner and sit down, but Resauske said he was fine. They didn't eat dinner or rest. At the fireworks, Retsuko said she was cold. Resauske said he was fine thanks to his jacket. He didn't give her his jacket.

Retsuko then went to Karaoke with Gori and Washimi. They saw her sneezing yet Retsuko said she had a great time. But they saw her heels and how sore they were. Washimi said that Resauske wasn't being a Gentleman.

Washimi put in Retsuko's Death metal song 9091-89. Yet Retsuko said she didn't need it.

She felt on top of the world.

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