A Good Hard-working Girl is the second episode of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.

Netflix SynopsisEdit

"Tired of her wholesome good-girl persona at work, Retsuko is drawn to the free-spirited lifestyle of her former high school classmate, Puko."


The episode opens with Retsuko walking through a busy shopping center. She goes into an ALP store to look at some peacoats, while she's looking, a sales associate starts to harass her by walking on her heels and repeatedly saying, "Take your time!" Eventually, Retsuko gets annoyed and rages.

"Let me take my time already!"

After a moment, Retsuko decides to buy an obligatory three pairs of socks because she feels bad for going into the store and not actually wanting anything. As she's trying to check out, the sales associate harasses her some more into almost applying for their store points card. Even though Retsuko says that she isn't interested in the card, the associate keeps pushing it. Retsuko begrudgingly agrees only for Puko to show up at the last minute and tell the associate that Retsuko isn't interested, and together they leave.

Retsuko and Puko sit on a bench outside of the shopping center and talk about what Puko has been up to. Puko tells Retsuko that she works in Japan for six months of the year and travels the world for the other six months, and repeat, to which Retsuko gets very jealous of. Puko changes the subject and asks Retsuko what she's been doing with her life. Retsuko tells her that she works a 9-5 job in a trading firms accounting department, and Puko comments about how typical it is of Retsuko to be so responsible with her life. "The type that reads the terms of service before agreeing, who saves money for retirement, who buys three pairs of socks because she feels bad for leaving without making a purchase", but Retsuko disagrees with the assessment despite it being true. Puko tells Retsuko that she's worried about her and that she questions if Retsuko is truly enjoying her life.

The next morning, Retsuko finds herself back in her daily grind on a crowded train, gazing at the job change ad again.

At the office, Tsubone piles stacks of paperwork on Retsuko's desk, passing off her work onto Retsuko claiming that she is just too busy to do it herself which frustrates her. Tsubone makes a comment that Retsuko is looking very tired and ponders that she may be too hard on Retsuko. Thinking that Tsubone is actually being nice to her, Retsuko blushes. Tsubone recants her statement with a tangent about how she was tired at first when learning how to job, but she worked hard and now it's easy. To her, this obviously means that Retsuko isn't trying hard enough since she is still tired by her work, and continues to pile papers on Retsuko's desk.

Retsuko indicates to Tsubone that Director Ton isn't really doing anything, hinting that maybe he could be helping with these stacks of paper. Tsubone begins sweating and whispers, "That's his job!" Meanwhile, Ton continues practicing his golf swings in the middle of the office, proclaiming, "Man, am I busy!" Chief Komiya rushes into the office begging Ton for forgiveness that he is interrupting him while he is SO busy, and shows him a new golf course with a hot spring. Ton says they have their work cut out for them as him and Komiya both begin practicing their golf swings, chanting, "Man, are we busy!"

Restuko rages in the bathroom...

"Lightning, grant me your vengeance!

Hit my boss's golf club - find your mark!

Lightning, grant me your vengeance!

Hit the flunky's golf club - find your mark!

Lightning, grant me your vengeance!

Hit the witch's head as she runs!

Strike them down!

Strike them down!

Strike them down!

Strike them down!"

And returns to work...

During lunch, Fenneko asks Retsuko what's wrong and tells her that she imagine Retsuko looks much like her grandmother right now. Haida asks Retsuko if she finished all of the paperwork that Tsubone had piled onto her and she tells them she pushed through it. Haida and Fenneko gasp and say how responsible Retsuko is, they then repeat exactly what Puko had said the day prior which freaks Retsuko out. Fenneko then continues to tell Retsuko that she's "too desperate to live up to expectations, that she is going to self-destruct from doing her boss's jobs for them, that she's a greenhorn robot caught up in corporate expectations, and a corporate slave waiting in line to die from overwork." Haida cuts Fenneko off saying that she went too far, and that Retsuko is just a good girl. Fenneko comments that being a good girl all the time has to be tiring...

"Judgement form everyone!

And you tell me that I'm just a drone!

Bending over backwards for the boss-man!

Plain vanilla life 'til the moment I die!

Team players lose!

Team players lose!"

Retsuko slams her changing locker shut proclaiming that's just how things are. As she's leaving the office, Retsuko runs into Washimi and Gori. She again feels envy that they are so confident and that she is just a pushover who could never shine like they do or wing it like Puko does. Retsuko then leaves. Gori proclaims that she was happy to see 'that girl' just now because her fortune said that yellow would be her lucky color today (referencing Retsuko's yellow-orange fur).

Restuko gets a text from Puko asking to meet up for dinner and drinks. While there, Retsuko complains about her job, Ton bitching about how she poured beer with the label pointing down, that plug sockets remind her of Ton's face, and how her ultimate dream is to slap Ton in the face with a resignation letter. Now embarrassed, Retsuko asks Puko how her day was. Puko tells her that has decided to open up a foreign goods store and that her connections would make it an easy venture. Retsuko finally says how jealous she is of Puko as she envisions a pretty storefront, and Puko asks Restuko to join her as their companies accountant. Retsuko becomes excited at the prospect of rnning this store with Puko and her friend.

Retsuko goes into work early the next day to prepare Ton's desk. Ton walks in as Restuko is whipping a rag through the air practicing her moves for when she slaps her resignation letter in Ton's face. Ton asks what she is doing to which Retsuko says she is clean and exercising, and continues to wipe down Ton's desk. He states that because she seems to be so carefree then he has the perfect "exercise" for her: polishing his golf clubs. Ton goes back to practicing his swings and yelling, "Man, am I busy!" while Retsuko again envisions herself slapping Ton with a resignation letter.

Tsubone piles more paperwork onto Retsuko's desk and she chants, "I'm gonna quit..." in her head then rage laughs!

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Puko (first appearance)

Tsubone (first appearance)

Director Ton

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Secretary Washimi

Director Gori