A Day in the Life of Retsuko is the first episode of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko.

Netflix SynopsisEdit

"As Retsuko enters her fifth year at a prestigious trading firms, she struggles to motivate herself everday as the daily stress from work takes a toll."


The episode opens with the companies CEO congratulating all the new employees on joining the company. As Retsuko is leaving, she inter-monologues an introduction of herself, hoping for new adventures and a bright future. The introduction is abruptly stopping by Retsuko twisting her ankle and raging...

"5 Years Later" and we see Retsuko smashing her alarm clocks snooze button. She decides that after she counts to 10, she will get up and be a model citizen. As she is preparing to leave, she remembers something very important...her microphone! After a crowded train ride to work and gazing at a job change ad on the train, Retsuko arrives to her office. While walking in, Retsuko realizes that she is still wearing crocs and screams!

Tsunoda greets Retsuko, and Retsuko starts dancing to distract Tsunoda from seeing her shoes. Tsunoda thanks her for organizing Friday's party and glances down at Retsuko's shoes. Retsuko panics and tries explaining why she is wearing crocs, but Tsunoda walks away mid-explanation. As the elevator door is closing, Tsunoda starts laughing about Retsuko's shoes, and leaves Retsuko behind.

Retsuko walks into the women's changing room only to be immediately bombarded by Kabae jumping around and telling her about a rumor she heard. Kabae continues by showing Retsuko pictures of her nephew and only leaves Retsuko alone when Warabi walks into the room. Retsuko greets Fenneko by her changing locker where she mentions that she ran into Tsunoda coming. Fenneko goes off about disliking Tsunoda and starts rambling about her stalking Tsunoda's social media routine on Social Net which makes Retsuko very uncomfortable. Shortly after, Tsunoda greets Fenneko in the hallway where they talk about Tsunoda's nails.

Retsuko sits down at her desk and prepares herself for dealing with the 'big boss.' The big boss, Director Ton, enters the room complaining about his desk being dusty, there not being a flower in the vase, and the humidifier being empty. Enter Chief Komiya offering to refill the humidifier, but instead Ton states that whoever was supposed to do these things has only 3 minutes to do it before the workday starts. Fenneko reminds Restsuko that Monday is her day to do those tasks. Retsuko panics, but gets the work down before 9 a.m. As Retsuko is going back to work, Ton requests tea stating that it is the job of the female employees to provide him with tea. Retsuko remains calm and fetches some tea for Ton. Ton spits the tea out saying that it wasn't much more than hot water, but that it's okay because it just makes the "incompetent" Retsuko look cute, much to Fenneko and Kabae's horror.

Retsuko rages in the bathroom...

"Pushing us around when can't fight back

Neanderthal knuckle-dragging Chauvinist pig!

Looking at your face just makes me sick

How can any person be such a dick?!

Shitty boss!

Shitty boss!"

Retsuko calms down, and states that after she counts to 10 then she will again be a mild-mannered employee. Returning to her desk, Fenneko commends Retsuko for how calmly she handled Ton and that she herself would have flipped out on him for the comment he made. Retsuko instead blames herself for forgetting to do the tasks. Fenneko tells Retsuko that it isn't her job to do these things and that Ton should be fired for power harassment. Haida enters, mocking Ton but stating that Ton could make up excuses to not be fired and that it would be putting the girls more at stake by reporting it. Fenneko tells Haida he's a kiss up. Ton prances around the office being followed by Tsunoda who praises him. Retsuko, Haida, and Fenneko look on disgusted and decide to leave the room for drinks.

As the trio are heading back to their office, Secretary Washimi and Director Gori exit the elevator. Retsuko and Fenneko are fascinated by how put together Washimi and Gori are! As they round a corner, Gori complains about how walking like that hurts her back to which Washimi retaliates saying they cannot show their weaknesses in the office (and she knows a good chiropractor).

Back in the office, Tsunoda asks Ton to review her paperwork and sweetly apologizes for not finishing it on time. Ton gladly takes her paperwork, but passes it off to Retsuko forcing her to work overtime. Haida offers to help Retsuko but she refuses. After Kabae finishes annoying Retsuko before leaving, Retsuko decides to go make some tea.

Retsuko finally finishes introducing herself while on her way to a session of death metal karaoke...

"End of the world

Karaoke all alone

Heal all the pain from my office job

Wake up in the morning

And do it all again

Sell my soul

'Cause I'm a corporate slave

Choke on my rage!

Choke on my rage!"

Retsuko's song is interrupted by a karaoke bar worker coming in with food that Retsuko didn't order!

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

CEO (first appearance)

Retsuko (first appearance)

Haida (first appearance)

Fenneko (first appearance)

Tsunoda (first appearance)

Kabae (first appearance)

Warabi (first appearance)

Director Ton (first appearance)

Chief Komiya (first appearance)

Secretary Washimi (first appearance)

Director Gori (first appearance)

Yokosawa (first appearance)

Karaoke Clerk (first appearance)